Brandtex Welcomes Autumn with Contrasting Colours and Beautiful Patterns

Brandtex – real style real women.

This season, Brandtex once again focuses on an elegant and smart design – with plenty of beautiful styles to choose from. The colour palette of this collection is full of contrasts, with a mix of royal blue, delicate rose, cool plum and vivid orange. The different nuances contribute to freshening up traditionally dark autumnal colours, adding some life to everyday styles.

It’s hard to avoid checkered patterns this season, and you will see them on several of our select styles. Checkered patterns add a structured expression to the everyday look and playfully enhances the feminine silhouette.

The darker palette is softened by the colour combination of rose, cool plum and creamy white. It looks smart with— and suits— the silver detailing which adorns several pieces in this season’s line.

As always, Brandtex includes an array of different styles, and our new collection enables the modern woman to mix and match various pieces with ease to suit their personal tastes.

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